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Razer's New Blade Stealth 13 Is the First Truly Capable Gaming Ultrabook Competition is fierce in the laptop market, and every manufacturer would have you believe that there’s something unique or exceptional about their designs. Rarely is that actually true. But what
Dell's New 27-inch USB-C Monitor Offers a Next-Gen Multi-Display Setup at an Affordable Price Dell’s P-Series monitors have been consistent performers both in the home and in commercial offices. The latest model updated for 2020 represents a matured design that delivers in all the right
Clack to the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Gaming Keyboards of 2020 There’s no escaping the noise when you tune in to watch streamers like Tfue and Ninja racking up their wins. Behind the commentary, it sounds like a Gatling gun is firing off, and (aside from th

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