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H&R Block 2019 Tax Software (Digital Download): Deluxe + State EXPIRED

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49,683 Views has select H&R Block 2019 Tax Software (Digital Download/Physical) on sale for 50% Off listed below w/ promo code HRBJANDEAL (apply in cart). Thanks DJ3xclusive

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Digital Download:Physical (compatible w/ Windows 8.1 /10 or Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher except where noted):
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Last Edited by DonV1962 January 4, 2020 at 06:56 PM
There is an activation code and an unlock code. The activation code is for the first installation and you will see it after checkout and in the email they send with the software download link. During the first installation you register with your email etc and that is the only time you use the activation code. For subsequent installations on other computer you will be using the unlock code.

Careful on what version you buy!!!
The below only applies to the CD/Download version. The Block Online packages of the same name have limited forms compared to the Cd version.

There is much confusion about versions as to what does what and I thought I'd post this to try to clear things up.

Block likes to upsell you on the versions and there are almost outright deceptive marketing, wording and charts that cause much confusion about what version does what. Deluxe or even Basic will do the vast majority of returns even quite complicated ones.

Many mistakenly believe based on the charts and wording that Block puts out that you need Premium for things such as Schedule A,C, D & E. Deluxe handles all those forms but if you go by a chart or version picker on Block's site you will be guided the higher version.

Here is the full list of supported forms for Deluxe CD/Download version
You will see it is a quite extensive list and it will handle the vast majority of returns of your average taxpayers.
Quote :
Background Worksheet: Background Information WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Dependents Worksheet: Worksheet for DependentsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Dependents Att Worksheet: Dependents Attachment WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Child Tax Credit Worksheet: Child Tax Credit WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
W-2 Worksheet: Wage and Tax StatementAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Non-W2 Wages: Worksheet for Wages Not on a W-2Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
IRA Contributions: IRA Contribution WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Keogh/SEP/SIMPLE Contributions: Keogh/SEP/SIMPLE and Other ContributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1098-E: Student Loan InterestAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1099-G: Certain Government PaymentsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
1099-R Worksheet: Distributions from Pensions, etc.Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Social Security Worksheet: Worksheet for Social Security IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
1099-MISC Worksheet: Miscellaneous IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
1099-K Worksheet: Payment Card Network TransactionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Attachments Worksheet: Form 1040 Attachments WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Last Year's Data Worksheet: Last Year's Data WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
W-2G Worksheet: Statement of Gambling IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Incentive Stock Option Worksheet: Incentive Stock Option WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Self-Employed Health Insurance: Self-Employed Health InsuranceAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Self-Employed Health Iterative: Self-Employed Health IterativeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Self-Employed Health Refigure: Self-Employed Health RefigureAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Foreign Wages Not on a W-2: Foreign Wages Not on a W-2Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule 8812: Additional Child Tax CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule A: Itemized DeductionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Home Mortgage Interest Worksheet: Home Mortgage Interest WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Charitable Worksheet: Charitable Donations WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Noncash or Item Donations: Noncash or Item DonationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
State and Local Income Tax: State and Local Income Tax Payments WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule B: Interest and DividendsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Interest Summary: Interest Income SummaryAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1099-INT/OID: Interest Income WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Dividend Summary: Dividend Income SummaryAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1099-DIV: Dividends and DistributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8938: Statement of Specified Financial AssetsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule C: Profit or Loss from BusinessAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule D: Capital Gains and LossesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1099-B Account: Form 1099-B AccountAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Capital Gains and Losses Worksheet: Capital Gains and LossesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Sale of Home Worksheet: Sale of Home WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8949: Dispositions of Capital AssetsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule E: Rents, Royalties, Partnerships, Etc.Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule E Part I Attachment: Schedule E Part I AttachmentAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule E Part II Attachment: Schedule E Part II AttachmentAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule E Part III Attachment: Schedule E Part III AttachmentAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Rentals and Royalties: Rentals and Royalties WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
K-1 Partnership/S Corporation: K-1 (Partnership/S Corporation) WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
K-1 Estate/Trust: K-1 (Estate/Trust) WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule EIC: Earned Income CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule F: Profit or Loss from FarmingAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule H: Household Employment TaxesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule J: Income Averaging for Farmers & FishermenAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule R: Credit for Elderly or DisabledAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Elderly/Disabled Credit: Worksheet for Elderly or Disabled CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Schedule SE: Self-Employment TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 982: Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of IndebtednessAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1116: Computation of Foreign Tax CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1116 (AMT): Foreign Tax Credit for AMTAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1310: Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2106: Employee Business ExpensesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2120: Multiple Support DeclarationAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2210: Underpayment PenaltyAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2210, Schedule AI: Underpayment of Estimated Tax--Sch. AIAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2439: Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2441: Child and Dependent Care CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Child/Dependent Care: Child/Dependent Care WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form W-10: Dependent Care ProviderAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 2555: Foreign Earned IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 3468: Investment CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 3800: General Business CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 3903: Moving ExpensesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4137: Social Security Tax on Unreported TipsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4562: Depreciation and AmortizationAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Depreciation Summary: Summary of AssetsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Depreciation Worksheet: Depreciation WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Vehicle Worksheet: Vehicle Expense WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Bonus Depreciation Election Out: Bonus Depreciation Election OutAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4684: Casualties and TheftsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4797: Sales of Business PropertyAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4835: Farm Rental Income and ExpensesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4868: Automatic Extension of Time to FileAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4952: Investment Interest ExpenseAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 4972: Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 5329: Return for IRA and Retirement Plan TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 5405: Repayment of First-Time Homebuyer CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 5695: Residential Energy CreditsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 6198: At Risk LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 6251: Alternative Minimum TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 6252: Installment Sale IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 6781: Section 1256 ContractsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8283: Noncash Charitable ContributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8332: Release of Claim to ExemptionAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8379: Injured Spouse AllocationAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8396: Mortgage Interest CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8453: US Individual Transmittal for On-Line FilingAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8582 - Page 1: Passive Activity Loss LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8582 Page 2 (Regular Tax): Passive Activity Loss LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8582 Page 3 (Regular Tax): Passive Activity Loss LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8582 Page 2 (AMT): Passive Activity Loss LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8582 Page 3 (AMT): Passive Activity Loss LimitationsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8586: Low-Income Housing CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8606: Nondeductible IRAsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
8606 Worksheet: Form 8606 WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Returned IRA Contributions: Returned IRA ContributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8609-A: Annual Statement for Low-Income Housing CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8615: Child With Unearned IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8801: Credit for Prior Year Minimum TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8814: Parents' Election for Child's IncomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8815: Exclusion of Interest from Savings BondsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8818: Redemption of EE and I US Savings BondsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8822: Change of AddressAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8822-B: Change of Address - BusinessAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8824: Like-Kind ExchangesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8829: Expenses for Business Use of Your HomeAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8839: Qualified Adoption ExpensesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8853: MSA DeductionAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8859: District of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8862: Information to Claim Certain CreditsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8863: Education CreditsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Tuition Payments: Tuition Payments WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8880: Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings ContributionsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8885: Health Coverage Tax CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8888: Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases)Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8889: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8936: Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8958: Allocation of Tax Amounts in Community Property StatesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8959: Additional Medicare TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8960: Net Investment Income TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8962: Premium Tax CreditAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8962 Information: Form 8962 InformationAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1095-A: Health Insurance Marketplace StatementAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8962 Part IV Attachment: Form 8962 Part IV AttachmentAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995: Qualified Business Income Deduction Simplified ComputationAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995-A Summary: Qualified Business Income SummaryAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995-A: Qualified Business Income DeductionAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995-A Schedule A: Specified Services Trade or BusinessAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995-A Schedule C: Loss Netting and CarryforwardAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 8995-A Schedule D: Special Rules for Patrons of CooperativesAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
QBI Statement: Qualified Business Income StatementAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 9465: Installment Payments of TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1040-SR and Schedules 1 - 3: US Tax Return for SeniorsAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1040-V: Payment VoucherAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1040X: Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form 1040-ES: Estimated TaxAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Form SS-4: Application for Employer Identification NumberAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
W-4 Worksheet: Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificateAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
H&R Block Tax Payment Planner: H&R Block Tax Payment PlannerAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Roth Conversions: Roth Conversion WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Roth Contributions: Roth Contribution WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Filing Status Calculator: Married Filing Joint vs. Separate CalculatorAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
State Information: State Information WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Other State Tax Credit: Other State Tax Credit WorksheetAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
De Minimis Safe Harbor: De Minimis Safe HarborAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Small Taxpayer Safe Harbor: Small Taxpayer Safe HarborAvailable1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Clergy Worksheet 1: Clergy Worksheet 1Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Clergy Worksheet 2: Clergy Worksheet 2Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020
Clergy Worksheet 3: Clergy Worksheet 3Available1/3/2020Available1/10/2020


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Free file for those under $69000 yearly income -
32 Helpful?
There are always a million comments in these tax threads. Hope this doesn't get buried...

I hate seeing people get screwed into paying loads for tax prep because companies like Intuit and and H&R block lobby to make filing taxes a pain in the ass. Most people do not have particularly complex tax needs, and 70% of people in the US qualify for free tax preparation based on income. Feel free to copy/paste this info wherever relevant.

If you make less than $66,000 in Adjusted Gross Income you qualify for free tax preparation (looks like it's going to be $69,000 for the 2019 tax year). Below are some resources.

One of the best resources I know of is the non-profit The United Way. They offer tax preparation using H&R Block Deluxe. This allows you to file your Federal returns and up to 3 state returns for free. State filling is where you'll generally get charged a premium, and the Deluxe version they offer is a step up from H&R Block's "free" offering. Check it out here:

While you can produce your state return for free, you may not be able to e-file for free. If that is the case, you can certainly print and mail your return for free. Many states also offer their own free e-file solutions. Here is some info on which states offer free e-filing:

Different H&R block versions for reference:

If for some reason you'd prefer not to use the United Way/H&R Block, the IRS has a list of free tax preparation websites here:

If you need more assistance the IRS makes volunteers available to assist people in doing their returns through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and they offer assistance to older adults through the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program. Find a location near you here:

Many city and county office also have free tax preparation available to citizens at libraries and government offices throughout tax season. Check your local government website.

Additional resources:

What is adjusted gross income?

Contact your local IRS office or make an appointment for in-person help.

The AARP offers assistance to low and moderate income individuals with no age limit. Get info here:
30 Helpful?
They charge $20 to do State e-File ontop of the charge for the software? Are you kidding!?
8 Helpful?

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Excellent. This is actually $0.56 less than I paid for Premium last year, which I thought was a great deal.
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Free file for those under $69000 yearly income -
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Hopefully Amazon will match.
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Joined Nov 2011
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Glad this deal came back. $20 to file my federal & state taxes is reasonable. Thanks OP.
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Quote from kunnavang
Free file for those under $69000 yearly income -

Does this find all the deductions that the HR one does, along with mortgage interest and medical deductions?
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Joined Aug 2008
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Is this software only or filing also included?
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It is not letting me add the code on mobile for Federal and State Deluxe.
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Buy Now. Think Later.
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I checked my newegg history and I got the Premium version for $24.97 last year.

They can do better Smilie

I think I'll wait.
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Quote from topp
Hopefully Amazon will match.
i've yet to see Amazon price match when the other price requires a coupon.
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They charge $20 to do State e-File ontop of the charge for the software? Are you kidding!?
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I'm hoping Amazon matches this deal so the federal refund can fetch a bonus on Amazon (which it looks like they've reduced from 5% to 4% this year).
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Quote from epistaxis
They charge $20 to do State e-File ontop of the charge for the software? Are you kidding!?
TurboTax does this too. Haven't seen a paid downloadable or CD version that doesn't charge extra for the state eFile.

edit: I take it back, TaxAct did have a free state eFile last time I used it, I think.
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Last edited by japanimator January 3, 2020 at 05:16 PM. Reason: TaxAct comment.
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